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SEYMOURE – CD Packaging

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

SEYMOURE - CD Packaging

Texan power-pop engineers Seymoure contacted me to put together something for their upcoming album “Pretending It’s Casual”. They wanted the visuals to be organic, but whimsical and (of course) featuring animals.

This was done in the same style as the This Is The Shiver cover art, with water color painted cutouts, double sided tape, and minimal digital manipulation. Here’s some other pieces from the project-

SEYMOURE - CD Packaging

 Above, Interior Panel

Below, Disc Face & Tray

I was able to do a full color disc, which was fun and pushed the concept a little bit further. Taking a second look at it, I wish I would’ve made the logo a bit bigger on the disc, but… c’est la vie. There’s always at least one thing on every project that you wish you could get back.

SEYMOURE - CD Packaging


Here’s a better look at that sweet word mark… this was my favorite part of the project. The band actually ended up adopting this as a full time logo.


Also, I found this awesome rough concept sketch as I was deleting files and thought I would share it with you… ha ha.

SEYMOURE - CD Packaging

 From this concept sketch, I determined the individual pieces
I needed and I drew them on regular sketch book paper to get the
shapes looking good. When I had gotten the shapes just right, I cut them all out. Then I painted full sheets of color wash and used the sketch book paper cutouts as guides to cut out the final pieces. Then those were all layered together and affixed to more painted backgrounds via double sided tape and then finally scanned. After some digital lightening and darkening of appropriate areas and layout adjustment along with the typesetting, we have the cover shown at the top of the post. The final version actually came out pretty close to that concept sketch, save for the background color.


As always I’m curious to hear everyone’s feedback, so let me know what you think of this one. Also, I have some big, big projects coming up soon, and some potentially interesting announcements concerning the future of MidwestLove, so keep checking back.


FAST FORWARD TO JUNE – Tshirt Illustration

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

FAST FORWARD TO JUNE - Tshirt Illustration

After a chance meeting on AIM, I was hired to do a 1-up tshirt design for Wisconsin pop-punk band Fast Forward To June . They gave me free reign to come up with a concept, so I challenged myself with the question, “what’s the coolest possible thing that I can draw?” Behold the results. Apparently the part of me that determines what’s cool is still eight years old.

3 colors on American Apparel gold T.


THE FELIX CULPA – Tshirt Illustration

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

THE FELIX CULPA - Tshirt Illustration

Tshirt illustration for my (other) band The Felix Culpa. The concept initially came from an idea my friend Timothy gave me almost 6 years ago. It stuck with me and I finally got a chance to use it.

2 colors on maroon (pictured) and charcoal gray shirts.